June 23, 2024

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Youth Football Tips – Improving Stalk Block Method

Stalk block is one of the toughest and effective defense methods in the game of football. Proper coaching and drills will help youngsters to master the art of stalk block. In this defense method, the defensive back will be blocked by the receiver to keep away defensive back away from ball carrier. It is very efficient and works well on a field. Training for kids will also focus on driving defenders after making initial contacts. For youth football training the ability to block will differentiate the good teams from the best teams. Stalk block method can make all the difference between an 8 yard and 25 yards. The basic behind this method is 70% attitude and the rest commitment along with technique.

The first thing to do is to get the right angle which helps in offering maximum leverage. The receiver should know which is the ideal position to take on the defender and based on that should adjust their angle. The next step is to make a three yard gap between you and the defender while he is running. The receiver should begin at full speed to put the defender on the back foot and make him pass the ball.

As the gap between the defender and the reciver gets shorter, one should slow down and position themselves to block the defender from making any moves. The player should make their knees bent and be ready to run to any side according to the movement of the defender. This is commonly called as the buzzing of feet which is about the reciver being ready to move instantly and engage defenders to make errors.

The move effectively makes defenders come into the route of the receivers. During this phase receivers can use any blocking technique which will confine the defender into a closed space. Different forms of blocking techniques can be used at this point like the pick type blocks or contact and release block technique. Trainers will urge young receivers to maintain constant contact once they have engaged the defenders.

Receivers are also urged to use hands as well as shoulders effectively which helps them to avoid getting outflanked by the defenders. Movement of feet plays very important role here. The training sessions are focused on getting the foot movement right with mirror like drills and the receivers are made to put their hands behind the back. The training is aimed at perfecting the method of stalk block which is very effective during football games.